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Anonymous: "Can you please describe your T journey (brand and doses)? Thank you!"

Hey there, I’ve documented my T (and surgery) journey pretty extensively on my youtube channel - I’d definitely recommend checking out my Testosterone Updates Playlist for more detailed information (I put my dosage in the description as well). I updated it monthly for the first year, and then slowed down a bit since then but still try to update every 6 months.

For a basic break-down:
Month 1: Testim Gel (50 mg per day, applied to the shoulder region)
Month 2 - 30: Testosterone Cypionate 200 MG per ML Oil (150 mg injected every 2 weeks)
Month 32 - 36: Testosterone Cypionate 200 MG per ML Oil (200 mg injected every 2 weeks)
Month 38 - 42: Testosterone Cypionate 200 MG/ML Oil (140 mg injected every 2 weeks)
Months 44 - Now: Testosterone Cypionate 200 MG/ML Oil (120 mg injected every 2 weeks)

Hope that helps some!

Anonymous: "Hey, I'm going to start college in a year and I've been thinking about Boston. Since I'm trans and you're from Boston I was kind of hoping you could tell me the process of how and where you started t. Thanks!"

Hey there, Boston is a great place to not only go to school, but transition as well (obviously I’m a bit biased, haha). But anyways I don’t want to give you misinformation on the current processes, as I was diagnosed with GID 10+ years ago as well as received my letter to begin hormones in that time frame as well. And I know things have changed a bit (or at least people have found work-arounds to cheat the system which I don’t agree with) since then - most of which I disagree with, but my personal opinion isn’t important here.

So, instead of telling you the process I went through, I’m going to give you some links that could be beneficial and would be much more informational for you on what the process looks like here in Boston today. Hopefully that alright!

This is where I have been receiving my hormones all through out my transition, and where my primary care doctor who monitors my HRT is located - and I can’t see enough about their great providers, resources, and care. I can’t imagine physically transitions anywhere else, or at least starting out physically transitioning anywhere else.
I would definitely recommend reading that entire page, but pay close attention to the final paragraph:

"For answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to get into care with the Fenway Transgender Health Program, please download our Transgender Care Fact Sheet. If you have questions after reading this document, contact us by email at”

When I started the process of physical transition I worked with them through that email and they answered all my questions, helped me get all set up, and were just generally extremely helpful and informative.

This is just a good resource to have in your back pocket to know what’s going on in the trans community in and around the Boston area. They have a lot of helpful links on their site as well - especially in the “get help” section.

T-VOX: THERAPISTS IN GREATER BOSTON is great about having comprehensive lists of surgeons, therapists and medical providers by region. If you are looking for a therapist who specializes in transgender care, they have a great list (Fenway Health does offer the behavioral health aspect of transitioning as well, but I’ve heard it’s quite the waiting list).

Hope that helps some!