One of the only good parts of coming home from vacation - getting to be reunited with Morgan!

Anonymous: "you look amazing, cael."

Well thank you, I appreciate the kind words!

Anonymous: "You are incredibly sexy and that beard... Good lord I love it. Please be my best friend."

Haha, well thank you! I’d love to be your best friend!

Anonymous: "Can you give some advice on how you navigated the name change process in your professional academic career? I'm currently a junior in undergrad with a few poster publishings under my belt and I'm worried I will not still be credited with my publishings after changing my name. Also it is unlikely that I will be able to finalize the name change before graduating undergrad. Is there a way to ensure my degree will reflect my new name? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!"

Hmm. Unfortunately, I can’t speak from personal experiences on this one - especially in the publishing world (opening this up to any followers who might have answers; please reblog and post your experiences or advice).

However, as far as graduating from undergrad and getting your degree to reflect your new name - I would check with the Dean of your college, or whomever is in charge of graduation requirements, etc (advisor, etc). When I was in college if I didn’t have my name legally changed in time (which I ended up having done in time so it wasn’t an issue), they couldn’t put my name on my diploma - however, once I received legal paperwork I could send a copy of it to the college (like you have to do everywhere else) and they would send me a new diploma with my name change reflected on it, and would all also change it in all of their alumni, and school records, etc. I would believe this would be an option at most colleges, so I would definitely inquire about that.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Hopefully that gives you a few starter steps, and thanks for reaching out with your question.

Anonymous: "Hi Cael! Would you come out and transition while working for a big company, meaning you would have to come out to a lot, really a lot, of people you don't even know well (for example, you would have to ask the IT department to change your email address) - or would you quit and look for a different job once you are passing?"

Hey! It would depend on the job and how receptive people were to it. There are pros and cons to a larger company. One good thing about a larger company (if HR is on your side) is that they do most of the heavy lifting - reaching out to your IT department for example, and talking to co-working and management. I would start with HR and see how receptive they are, and see what they can do. If it seems like the response you get from that company isn’t a great one (especially on an HR level) I, personally, would probably start looking for a new job.
I’ve answered a lot of questions on my thoughts on transitioning in the workplace and provided links that can help, etc, that you can find them here.

Hope that helps some! Best of luck!