This is Cael, my #mcm

And this is my pretty damn amazing girlfriend.

This is what a typical weeknight looks like. I will say this of Morgan, he passes no judgement of the television shows I watch at night.

(Just about) 1.5 Years Post-Op
Surgery Date: September 10, 2012
Surgeon: Dr. Richard Barlett
Procedure: Bilateral keyhole approach with periarolar mastopexy, (reduction and tightening of nipple/areola with incision around areola).
Cost: $8,800
Top Surgery Healing Process Photoset | Top Surgery Updates Playlist (Youtube)
Note: Top Surgery Playlist starts with newest/latest 1.5 Years Post-Op video.

Note: The last one is more for my own reference, as I’ve been doing a lot of research and have traded my gym membership in for trying out a completely calisthenics based work-out program.

Don’t mind us, we’re just watching our Wednesday night TV shows.

All moved in with the help of some amazing friends and family, a long weekend of unpacking and organizing! So, as promise, here’s some photo spam of the new apartment. Couldn’t be happier with it! Already feels like home.

First lazy Sunday “Photo Booth Selfies” of 2014.
Complete with bedhead, coffee, haven’t cleaned up my beard and/or neck in like a week, and haven’t changed out of my sleep attire yet.

Earlier this week I was contacted by the HRC to help support their #‎LoveConquersHate‬ program - which I without hesitance agreed to do so, as it is a cause that is so extremely important while we gear up for the Olympics this winter in Sochi.

While we celebrate some of the world’s most gifted athletes, I implore you to keep in mind that its location is a burning reminder of the heinous pattern of anti-LGBT conduct that still remains in most parts of this world. We are still fighting so many battles here in the US for equality for all, but Sochi reminds us of how much work there is to do globally. To learn more please visit, and if you can, join the campaign. It is more important than ever, for those of us who can (LGBT folks and allies included) to speak up and continue to fight, especially for those who can not.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I personally remind myself of very often, “[to fight and to live is] to remember those who came before us.That we who face the world today can live for what they no longer can” - and in this case, for those who can’t even live with the freedom to be themselves.

» Seriously Sexy Trans Men Make Us Say “Mmmm!”

So, an old friend I went to middle school with just sent me this article/blog post on Facebook and was like “Oh my god, isn’t that you?!” - and sure enough the article features two photos of me (which, ironically, I think they are saying are two different people haha).

Kind of crazy and surreal, but really flattering though!



3.5 Years on Testosterone (face + body).



I very rarely reblog my own photos, but can we just talk about how ridiculously kind people are on Tumblr? Seriously, can we? ‘Cause it kind of blows my mind.

Just fucking around, looking like a fool on a Sunday night.